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admin On July - 7 - 2010
Double Keyboard script
This will create a new virtual keyboard for you. All you’ll have to do is hold another button and press the key you desire.
So for example you hold the CTRL button and press T as usual, but the T will result in another function than usual.

bind CTRL “+vstr ctrl1 ctrl2″

set ctrl1 “exec ctrldown.cfg” //make a cfg with this name and put your standard binds in it

set ctrl2 “exec ctrlup.cfg” // make a cfg with this name and put your secondary binds in it

Create 2 new configs called ctrldown.cfg and ctrlup.cfg, in the “up” one you put your standard binds. In the down-one you put the additional binds you don’t have space for (most likely vsays and less important binds).

This is an example of a very simple vstr, you could put the binds as other vstrs in here, but that would get a huge mess when you want to edit it quickly.

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