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admin On May - 2 - 2010
Wolfenstein ET: A settings cycle
You can also cycle through settings like your fov (field of view), sensitivity, volume and so on.
There is no need to use a vstr command for this, it would be way to long and inaccurate.
If we used the vstr command, we would need to write every amount of sensitivity for example. So each line with 1, 2, 3, 4 sensitivity. This can be good enough if you know you want to toggle through just 3 or so settings. Or if you want to change multiple settings  with one press of the button, I recommend the vstr over the Cycle.

But instead we can use the /cycle command now.
So let’s say we want to cylce through our sensitivty SMOOTHLY with the left and right arrows.
You’ll need to set the command “cycle” followed by the setting you want to cycle through followed with the start and end amount.

bind LEFTARROW “cycle sensitivity 0.1 30″
bind RIGHTARROW “cycle sensitivity 30 0.1″

So here you see that you can cycle from 0.1 sensitivity to 30.
If you use your scrollwheel to bind these, you could use settings as cg_fov to get a smooth zooming.

NOTE: You can Only use the cycle with commands that use numeric values. So binds etc wont work, while settings with 1 as On and 0 as Off will work.

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