Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Learn Wolfenstein ET from the Inside Out!

After a year of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory experience it got time for me to get into the config scene.

At first I didn’t get what a bind even did. But I learned rapidly and started creating unique scripts that were never seen before.
I loved to push the boundaries of the game and still being able to use the scripts on all servers.

Later on I created a small “guide”…well actually it wasn’t really much like a guide, more like just examples.
So i got motivated enough to write a real in-depth guide and share it online.

And that’s what now fills this website.


About Us

This is the unofficial site of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. You will be able to find resources like cool screenshots and configs here, but also tutorials to get the maximum out of your game. If there is anything you wish to ask or if you have any advice... Just post a comment on an article or contact us through the Contact form. V57!

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