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admin On March - 17 - 2010
Wolfenstein ET: Adding Content to your Config
Because this is the part where most people get lost, since it’s the hardest part to explain, i will be trying to go over every single step.
In this case i’ll use my own cfg (the advanced one) to get you as fast as possible to a clean cfg combination with everything you need in it.
Keeping things Clean

First, we are going to create subdirectories in your etmain to keep the folder clean so you can find all your files at any time.
Now create 3 folders inside etmain called: effects, binds and others
I’ll explain why we’re doing this.
When you get familiar with cfg’s, you’ll want to create new ones every time but you keep your old ones because you like them too, but you end up with a bunch of configs with partially the same content in them (like your binds)
That’s why i like to keep your binds at one folder, and your effects at another.
The “others” folder is just there for other stuff you can’t categorize, feel free to remove/rename or add other folders.
Making it all Functional

Now open up your mycfg.cfg and put the following in it:

exec binds/default.cfg
exec effects/default.cfg
echo Binds&Effects loaded!

This will make you exec your binds and effects every time you exec your mycfg.cfg
As you might have noticed, you don’t have those default.cfg files yet.
Believing you already played ET and got some changes in it, we will try to get those out of ET and put them in those default configs.
To do this you’ll have to open up your ET and join a server you usually play at and make sure your settings are like you want them or usually have them.
Backing up What you’ve Got

Now open up your console again (~or≤) and type the following:
/writeconfig backup.cfg
When this is done you can get out of ET again and search the backup.cfg you just created in your etmain. (it might happen for some reasons that you have to search it in your modfolder [e.g.: Jaymod])
Open it up in notepad (right click open as) and now you’ll get a huge list of commands. Don’t worry, you won’t be editing them yet.
As you can see, the commands are all written behind eachother separated with some square-like characters. Those give the command to ET to start a new line, but notepad doesn’t recognize them.
Because it’s very hard to find what you’re searching for, we will get those commands split up.
To do this you’ll have to copy all the content into a text-editor like Microsoft Word. If everything goes right, you get a nice list of commands all beneath eachother.
Now copy all the content from the text editor again and paste it into your cfg (you may overwrite the old content since it isn’t needed anymore)
Now just save it again so it’s ready to go.

Tip: If something goes wrong during my tutorial, you can always /exec backup to get your standard settings back!

Lets get this all into our configs

First you create a new config into your etmain/binds folder, call it default.cfg
Open up the config and copy all the content from backup.cfg starting with “bind” into it. So actually you take everything from your backup.cfg from the start to the first “seta”.
Keep the unbindall command out of it for the safety.
Paste all those lines into your default.cfg and save it. Close it and re-open it to check if it’s all saved correctly.
Now go into your effects folder and create a new default.cfg again.
Paste all the other lines from backup.cfg into it.

Tip: If you get familiar with the commands, you can create multiple configs with different command types like sound, visual and net effects.

Save this again and do the same check as the other config you just created.

Next Chapter

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  • Dov*

    Can you tell me where you got the voice in the video?

    Thanks in advance!

    GD Star Rating
    • admin

      It’s my own voice but with a voicechanger. :D

      GD Star Rating
  • EFC|Cote d Ivore

    when i copy all from word and i save and i type /exec mycfg in the console an error comes up saing Cbuf_InsertText Overflowed …and my pings get high…any help…?

    GD Star Rating
    • admin

      Avoid using Word. Try using Notepad (Windows) or Text Editor (Mac) like I do in the video.

      Good luck.

      GD Star Rating
  • Rodrigo S

    Instead of using Microsoft Word and then notepad, you can use only Wordpad. It recognizes these unix-like end of lines, and saves the file in DOS mode.

    GD Star Rating
  • Phantomhive

    How to get back my old cfg ???

    GD Star Rating
    • WolfensteinET Admin

      If you followed the step where you backup your current config (/writeconfig backup.cfg) you should be able to get everything back with /exec backup

      GD Star Rating

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