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admin On March - 17 - 2010

 Wolfenstein ET: An introduction to Scripting

Scripting is fun and difficult for some newbies. Don’t be afraid, just keep seeing the fun in it and you’ll be fine.
There are no specific ways to teach a script, since it is meant to be something different for everybody.

It may happen you have a different script, to get the same result. But there is no real standard code like a bind for it.

Many people think a script will be like /bind, so /script. THIS IS WRONG!
There is nothing like /script, since a script includes lots of things, not just 1 command like /script.

A mistake many people make, even professionals is, they use too many configs to launch commands.
There is a command to make self-made shortcuts for that called “vstr”.
Don’t worry, we’ll be discussing this later on. (For the html writers, it’s like a CSS code)

For example someone wants the script that if he presses the g key sprint starts and if he presses again the sprint stops.
Newbies often do it like this:

bind g “+sprint; exec sprintoff”
(in sprintoff.cfg) bind g “-sprint; exec sprinton”

This method perfectly works and is easier for newbies.
But you’ll end up with a poopload of configs and your etmain will become one big mess.

And why create so many files if you can add it with 1 simple command?!


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