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admin On March - 17 - 2010
Wolfenstein ET: Creating your own Config

First you’ll have to create your project file, named the cfg.
This can be done by going to your program files folder, opening the Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory folder and open up etmain.

Once you’re in etmain, you have to right click and create a new text (.txt file) for notepad.
This file isn’t your cfg yet, but it will give you the access to edit it properly (especially for vista users with UAC enabled)
We will edit this later, but first we will skip a step so you have your cfg.

Adding sample Content

Type in the following in the txt:

echo ^7#^qCfg execed succesfully^7!

Now click “save as” and call it “mycfg.cfg” and pick “save as: All files” (IMPORTANT) and make sure it’s saved in your etmain folder.

Checking if it Works

To check if your cfg is succesfully created you can open up your ET and go to a server or create a localhost yourself.
Once you’re ingame you open up your console with the ~ or 2 3 (for azerty), this is the button above the Tab key and beneath the esc key next to number 1.
A window should cover half of your screen.

Now type in /exec mycfg
The “#Cfg execed succesfully!” should now pop up on your screen and in your console. If not, make sure it’s a cfg file and not a txt.

What have we Done?

You might wonder what you just typed in the console.
Every time you try to write a command in the console, you have to put a / in front of it. You CAN also do this in the cfg, but you don’t have to.
If you don’t write the / in your console, the command or word(s) you typed will appear in the global chat.
The exec means that you’re going to execute a file into ET.
And the mycfg is just your cfg you just created. If you called it different, you got to put a different name in the console too obviously.

TIP: When you want to add a sidenote into your cfg, you can put a double slash (//) in front of your note.
e.g.: bind k kill //press k to selfkill


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