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It’s very important to know how to create a bind, since this is the easiest step of all.
If you aren’t able to do this at the end of this chapter, you should retry until you get the hang of it.
What a Bind is About

A bind always starts with the word “bind” followed by the key you want to bind a command to, followed by the command itself.

CODE: bind [key] [command]

There is a difference between commands in case of movement and other commands.
For some reason, the creators made the action commands in 2 parts. One to start the action and one to stop it.
This is the same for all the commands of this kind. To make the action start they use the + and to make it stop the -
You only need the 2 of this in a bind if you bind more than 1 command to 1 key.

example: bind w +foward (will let you run as long as you hold w)
bind w “+forward; wait; -forward” (will most likely let you do 1 step)

TIP: Can’t find a command’s name? Check out the Cvar List!

TIP: Can’t find a command’s complete name? You can open up your console and type a part of the command (eg: /+fo) and press TAB. All the commands starting with +fo will be shown.

TIP: Made a mistake in your console? Navigate through your previous entered inputs with the Up and Down arrow!

For normal commands you don’t need a + or -
example: bind o “echo U iz nub”

There’s no way to teach you all the commands, you’ll learn them during the process of scripting, binding and learning this tutorial.

You can always use the list at Cvar List

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