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admin On August - 7 - 2011

If you’re on the internet, you will someday come to the point where you have to deal with trolls.
It’s rarely funny for the person who gets trolled and it often happens people say things they regret later on.

In video games we encounter a different type of trolls. You can easily find bunches of them.
Let’s take a look on how we could outsmart them.

Do not react impulsively! Empathize with the troll to find out what will NOT satisfy him or her.


This should actually be the easiest method. Just don’t pay attention to him, don’t read what he has to say and don’t answer back.
There is this quote: “Don’t feed the troll!”, that’s the most used sentence when a troll appears and that has a reason of course.

It’s recommended to totally stop saying anything in the game because he will probably bombard you with trolling if you speak to others except him. Just because he knows you’re reading the chat box. From the other hand it could be a great way to drive him insane.
This can be fun to do though, if he gets insane, you’re actually winning the battle.
Though, a real troll stays calm and doesn’t give a damn about what others counter attack, the chance you meet a troll like this is rare.

Counter Attack

This is what happens the most to people who aren’t familiar with trolls. They take an insult personally and insult back.
First of all this isn’t the most mature way to react, even disregarding trolls…
It works on newbie trolls though, they could get shocked, but chances are really small since people are enormously big-mouthed on the internet due to they’re anonymous.

Avoid using this technique at any time if you’re trying to win a battle of a troll, it wont work.
It’s only good if you want to rage a bit and get rid of frustrations.

Being a Smart@$$

This is also a very common used method. People who ever dealt with trolls know what to expect.
They know trolls will come with senseless insults, since that’s what makes so many people pissed off! So you can prepare yourself by finding some witty comments already.
Just being logic and calm might help because they will feel stupid, but a real troll will ALWAYS continue, only method 1 will work if used properly.


If you start ignoring after you failed with being a smartass or by using counter attacks, they won…

Also be aware that you could be wrong at any time and will get trolled to infinity -> USE WITH CAUTION!!!

Counter Trolling

Show you’re one of them.
Trolls wont predict this method and maybe you could end up having a good laugh.
The hard thing is to know how to troll properly…

Admitting the insult

If you just admit you’re a “noob” or that you’re “gay” they might stop, especially on the noob part. It just depends on the troll and what insult you’re admitting, if you admit you’re gay they probably troll double as hard obviously.
Probably the least pleasant method to use and also a great risk.


The least natural feeling method, works the best.
You might feel aggrieved when they can insult you without further notice, but you’ve got to see the difference between a troll and an angry player here.

An angry player insults you and means it, it doesn’t really matter whether he gets a response back or not, but if you give him a nasty counter attack a battle might start.
A troll is actually an attention-whore . They’re not necessarily serious about their statements, but just want to see what you’re going to do about it.


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