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admin On March - 20 - 2010
It’s always nice to try out configs of other people as you can find them on etconfig.net and gamersfiles.net
So let’s say you downloaded one and want to put it in your game without losing your settings.

Some configs are very advanced with several folders and most times people overuse configs to launch simple commands that can be done in a more simple way (see later)
But in this case i’ll only talk about general configs.
Where to Start

It’s actually quite easy then, just get the binds out of it and put them in a new config file into your binds folder.
So for example we downloaded Maus.cfg, pick the binds and paste them into a cfg for example called maus.cfg in your binds folder.
Do the same for the effects folder, but pick the effects out of his config ofcourse.
This is useful because most times you want the effects (graphics and internet) from those players, not their binds.
In this way you can always exec just some effects or their binds seperately.
To exec those you’ll have to type in your console: /exec effects/maus   for example.
Many configs have more content than just some binds and effects. Most times they have timers and scrim(clanwar) configs.
Personally i prefer to just create a new folder with the name of the player.
But you have to notice the work isn’t done yet!
Making it all Functional Again

If someone haves binds to execute those configs in his main config, you’ll have to edit the path, since you put the files in the maus folder.
So you’ll have to search in all his or her configs for the word “exec” (with ctrl+f) and turn it into /exec maus/timer1.cfg for example.

Tip: If configs don’t want to exec, your console will say it isn’t able to! Your console is your friend!
You can always add, remove and rename folders whenever you want. Give it a try. You can create your own system, i just showed mine to let you see what i mean.

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  • http://www.mmorpgscene.com Luigi Fulk

    whoa awesome post


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  • http://freetoplay.org Steve Berneri

    Awesome MMO! Where to play?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1523325439 Daan Jordens

    i don’t get anything of it, maus.cfg? the download line is broken :’(

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    • Eli

      You can use any cfg, doesn’t have to be maus.cfg
      Go to gamersfiles.net or etconfig.net or some other cfg site to find one.

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