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A vstr Cycle

This is a script type I had been searching for a long time when I was a newbie, it’s used alot in configs, so pay attention! So imagine we want to create a cycle that will change our name every time we press “H”. (BEWARE: PunkBuster kicks for too many namechanges!) We will have to […]


As we’ve already learned, a + means there will be a – and that means there will be a start and an end. +vstr gets very close to the vstr command, but here it becomes a toggle action. The easiest way to show you what I mean as fast as possible is by giving an […]

The vstr Command

The vstr command is a shortcut that enables you to use 1 small word of your preference all over the same document. For example, i want to echo something every time i change weapons with the keyboard. Instead of typing “;echo Weapon changed” after every line of your weaponbank binds, we will create the vstr […]

How to put Another Text Behind a Vsay

First of all you need to know how to bind a vsay. This can be done by using the simple vsay command. examples: bind i “vsay hi Hey noobcakes!” bind o “vsay_team letsgo Let’s roll allies!” bind p “vsay_buddy FTfallback Check you back!” If you don’t add text behind the vsay, the standard message will […]

How to Add Color to your Text

It’s  very easy once you remember the codes. Just add the hat-symbol (^) before a letter or number. Numbers are basic bright colors like yellow and blue, letters and symbols are more different colors. . example: bind i “say ^0Hey noobcakes!” . This will result in Black text. . Check the full color code list […]

How to Bind a Chat Message to a Key

Very simple, the command to say something in general chat (green chat) is just say, the teamchat say_team and fireteamchat say_buddy Most mods also offer private messaging using m [name] [message] examples: bind i “say Hey noobcakes!” bind o “say_team Let’s roll allies.” bind p “say_buddy Check your back!” Don’t forget you can add colors […]

Why Aren’t the Binds Working?

Or you misspelled a command, or you’re having a non-qwerty keyboard. You should notice all binds should be made in qwerty style, except for the movement for some odd reason. For me (azerty) m=, etc. Try to avoid this kind of keys or try to open the controls option menu ingame and bind a command […]

What is the Wait Command for?

Wait gives you the ability to make a 1fps break between 2 commands. This is usually only needed if your commands launch to short after eachother, which means the 2nd wont launch. If you want to put like a 100 waits after eachother you don’t type wait x100. You just type wait 100. example: bind […]

What is the Echo command for?

The echo command litterally echoes. When you type a message behind the echo command, it will show up in your console and in your obituary list (kills&deaths). This can be useful to check if something really launched and to add info ingame you can’t remember by heart. (e.g. spawnchooser) So if you create a bind […]

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