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How to Create Binds Manually

It’s very important to know how to create a bind, since this is the easiest step of all. If you aren’t able to do this at the end of this chapter, you should retry until you get the hang of it. What a Bind is About A bind always starts with the word “bind” followed […]

How to Use New Configs and Organize them in Folders

It’s always nice to try out configs of other people as you can find them on etconfig.net and gamersfiles.net So let’s say you downloaded one and want to put it in your game without losing your settings. Some configs are very advanced with several folders and most times people overuse configs to launch simple commands […]

Adding Content to your Config

Because this is the part where most people get lost, since it’s the hardest part to explain, i will be trying to go over every single step. In this case i’ll use my own cfg (the advanced one) to get you as fast as possible to a clean cfg combination with everything you need in […]

Creating your Own Config

First you’ll have to create your project file, named the cfg. This can be done by going to your program files folder, opening the Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory folder and open up etmain. Once you’re in etmain, you have to right click and create a new text (.txt file) for notepad. This file isn’t your […]

An Introduction to Scripting

Scripting is fun and difficult for some newbies. Don’t be afraid, just keep seeing the fun in it and you’ll be fine. There are no specific ways to teach a script, since it is meant to be something different for everybody. It may happen you have a different script, to get the same result. But […]

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