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admin On May - 3 - 2010

Wolfenstein ET: Set and Seta

Some people will not know what set and seta mean and neither what the difference is between those.
Set and seta will actually set (like the word says) a setting (including vstrs) into the database of ET until you stop playing.
The difference between seta and set is:
seta writes the setting into your autoexec (standard config) and makes it automaticly load whenever you start ET.
Set will only load that time session you entered it. (Can sometimes stay in autoexec too, but it’s not safe)
So why would you use set? Because of the vstr setting.
When using a vstr you need to constantly set another action for it. So in simple words it keeps changing, so there is no need to use a seta that keeps it permanent.
Especially when you quit ET in the middle of a vstr cycle and start again, such seta could mess things up.

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