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admin On April - 13 - 2010
The vstr command is a shortcut that enables you to use 1 small word of your preference all over the same document.

For example, i want to echo something every time i change weapons with the keyboard.
Instead of typing “;echo Weapon changed” after every line of your weaponbank binds, we will create the vstr for this.

To create the vstr we will need to choose a name for it.
Let’s call it: wc (weaponchange)
To set the vstr you’ll have to type the following in this case:
set wc “echo weapon changed”

Now you only have to add “; vstr wc” after each line of your weaponbank binds.
In this example it wasn’t that necessary, but when you have a huge list of commands that need to be executed every time again you can get your cfg smaller and cleaner with a simple vstr.

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