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admin On May - 23 - 2010
Wolfenstein ET: Volume Script
This will let you toggle through the loudness of your sounds with the up and down keys.
This is also a random but long vstr toggle.

bind “UPARROW” “vstr volup”
bind “DOWNARROW” “vstr voldown”

set volup vstr vol05
set voldown vstr vol05

set vol00 “set s_volume 0.0;set voldown vstr vol00; set volup vstr vol01; echo Volume ^2O^7==========”
set vol01 “set s_volume 0.1;set voldown vstr vol00;set volup vstr vol02;echo Volume =^2O^7=========”
set vol02 “set s_volume 0.2;set voldown vstr vol01;set volup vstr vol03;echo Volume ==^2O^7========”
set vol03 “set s_volume 0.3;set voldown vstr vol02;set volup vstr vol04;echo Volume ===^2O^7=======”
set vol04 “set s_volume 0.4;set voldown vstr vol03;set volup vstr vol05;echo Volume ====^3O^7======”
set vol05 “set s_volume 0.5;set voldown vstr vol04;set volup vstr vol06;echo Volume =====^3O^7=====”
set vol06 “set s_volume 0.6;set voldown vstr vol05;set volup vstr vol07;echo Volume ======^3O^7====”
set vol07 “set s_volume 0.7;set voldown vstr vol06;set volup vstr vol08;echo Volume =======^1O^7===”
set vol08 “set s_volume 0.8;set voldown vstr vol07;set volup vstr vol09;echo Volume ========^1O^7==”
set vol09 “set s_volume 0.9;set voldown vstr vol08;set volup vstr vol10;echo Volume =========^1O^7=”
set vol10 “set s_volume 1.0;set voldown vstr vol09;set volup vstr vol10;echo Volume ==========^1O^7″

Don’t get frightened just because it’s a long script. It’s actually as easy as the first 5 lines and from then on everything just gets repeated with minor changes.

We’re creating a toggle that goes both ways here. So we can get 1 step back if we pushed too many times.

1) We bind the Up and Down arrows to launch the vstrs to go either louder or less loud.
2) We link those binds their vstrs to launch a different setting every time we push the button. We make it launch the vstr in the middle of them all, because we want our audio to be neutral when we press a button otherwise you get your ears blown.
3)  We finally set the actual vstr settings including the volume, the 2 links to go back or forward and the echo to display how loud your game is.

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  • Poete

    Nice! Im using this for some binds.

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